Common Launcher Issues & Solutions

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  • Launcher system requirements:

    • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 version 1607 or later
    • Graphics card that supports DirectX 11 (on a hardware level)

    Common Issues & Solutions:

    Issue: Launcher does not respond when trying to start it (or says MSVCP140.dll is missing):
    Solution: Install the following runtimes (also mind the system requirements on top of this post!):

    Issue: Invalid login details/Account not found
    Solution: Usernames are case-sensitive, make sure to enter the exact same username and password you use on the forums.

    Issue: Play Button does not appear after selecting game directory, Setup Button remains
    Solution: The file path to your game directory can not contain special characters (for example ó, ú, ñ, œ or similar).

    Issue: After pressing the Play Button the launcher disappears but the game does not start
    Possible Solutions:

    • Download this zip file and extract it to any location (you can delete it afterward) and install all four files and DirectX (DXSETUP.exe in the DirectX folder).
    • If that doesn't fix your problem, try reading our Antivirus thread.

    Issue: 0x000007b when attempting to start the launcher or game
    Possible Solutions:

    Issue: Could not authenticate to Plutonium: snowroller uninitialized


    Error: Handshake: certificate verify failed

    Solution: This error occurs when you are trying to launch an outdated version of Plutonium. However, this should not happen if you are launching the game via Plutonium.exe which checks for updates on each launch. So if you are starting the launcher via plutonium-launcher-win32.exe please do not. Launch via plutonium.exe

    Issue: GPUDriverD3D11::CreateTexture, unable to create texture.
    Possible Solution:

    Error: Your game is outdated (rXXXX against (rXXXX)
    Your game is outdated.
    Solution: This is most likely caused due to you pinning the wrong part of the launcher to the task bar, or by using an old version of the launcher.

    • Unpin Plutonium from your task bar.
    • Delete your launcher and re-download.
    • Make sure to pin that version before even opening it.
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