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  • hi everybody. I created a server, but I cant personalize it. I've already look at the @Xerxes guide, but there is not explication for that. So, I created my zombi server, I can go in, but in reality, anything change when I change some things in the file "dedicated_zm.cfg". But anything I do, anything change, the only thing I can personalise it the map, but if I write for exemple "start round 5" it dont work, I will start at wave 1. Someone know how to do? And it would be even better if someone know how do we do things like boxes for 100$, unlimited perks, five seven at begining, super power ups, etc... Thank you in advance to answer me. I hope you understand, cause my English is not very cool... Good game!

  • Hey there
    I have reasons to believe you are not uncommenting the config string you want to change

    This will not work:
    //someconfig = "someValue"

    You have to remove the // of each config you want to override its default value.

    Now, to mod the boxes and other stuff as you said, you will need to load custom scripts to your t6r/data folder.

    We have a guide in this forum, I believe its in the BO2 Modding Tutorials section. Its pretty easy! Took me less than 20 minutes to learn.

    Once you learn how to do it, you have to find the script someone made to change the mistery box cost and apply what you learned to it.

    If you have 0 programming skills it might take a little longer for you to get it.

    Peace out!

  • ok thx!

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