plutonium.bootstrapper virus

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  • I've been playing plutonium for a couple months and I had no issues. Today I started the launcher and once I clicked on MW3 START (the game i been playing practically every day) it loads.... then shuts off.

    I've done this a couple of times then my antivirus popped up "cleaning and disinfecting malware". I have always played Plutonium with my antivirus and never had to disable it. The virus was a Trojan from plutonium.bootstrapper.

    I figured "Its one of those false virus warnings or wtv" but no. I actually couldnt click icons and files on my computer. Nothing. I didnt have access. It fixed itself once I reset my PC but man I'm really confused. I've never had a problem like this before.

    I don't want to stop playing MW3 but without a fix I might have to delete Plutonium... I cant risk it. Please help. (Antivirus Kaspersky)

  • @Cobatine
    Plutonium is 100% safe. Your antivirus clearly is showing a false positive if you believe it or not. AV's do that, because the average pc user do not know the "behind the scenes" of the project.
    Whilst Plutonium isn't open source - like I said before it's not a virus. Therefore, only to combat this issue is to exclude the client folder from your av. That should prevent the av from tampering with the client files so you'll be able to play normally again.

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