Quick Question in regards to how you guys created this modded version of the game.

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  • Hello, I was just curious to know how long it took to take all the original game files and make your own Modded version of it because I'm currently a freshman in highschool and I am thoroughly intrigued in the subject of Coding and Software Development. On top of playing the BO2 and MW3 client, I think this whole project is super cool and give you all props for how u manage and collaborate in the forum with the community as well as in the discord. I don't want to start my own project like this but I want to use this sorta project you guys have made at home on your own time and resources and sorta branch and peak my interest into the field of code and PC Games. I enjoy computers and I think its something I can envision myself doing in the future that I would enjoy. Anyways, I appreciate the work you guys put in to this project and wish all the admin and staff the best.

  • @Penguinodaman maybe the replies in this topic answers some of your questions: https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/10033/curiosity
    How long? No idea really.. maybe half a year of dedicated work until the initial version of bo2 was ready for release.

  • @Dss0 Ah ok, Thanks!

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