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  • Hi, I'm studying software development and I wanna know how is this whole project made. To be clear, I'm not trying to create a copy or anything I just want to learn and understand how it works (Languages, Frameworks and all that).

  • Keep in mind I'm not a project developer but from what I've gathered: a lot of Reverse Engineering (IDA) & C++ iirc.

  • @_trippy_ reverse engineering the game(s), alot of memory hooks that execute custom code and emulation of the backend (mostly demonware).

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  • @_trippy_ Hello trippy,

    Nice to see that you're studying software development! A very good choice in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ Plutonium itself is made using C++ and Assembly. It is made in these languages because the game is written in C++ itself, and C++ code gets compiled to Assembly. In order to change the games functionality, we modify the memory of the game. We do this by placing jumps from the games code to Plutoniums custom code. This part is done in Assembly. Once the code is redirected to our custom code, we then make use of C++ to implement the changes to the code (because this is easier than writing everything in Assembly). In order to do this kind of stuff, you need tools like IDA or Ghidra and a debugger (OllyDBG, x32dbg). These tools are required to figure out what the game is doing.

  • Thanks for replying. You guys are amazing, keep the good work.

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