Just a heads up for reshade users

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  • If you were using reshade in plutonium, you will need to disable it by removing dxgi.dll from the bin folder.
    it was working about a week ago, but now its either not compatible enough to work anymore, or the team is now actively blocking it for some reason. I'd be more inclined to believe its the former however, as I would think they would include the latter in the posted changelog.

    Unfortunately this issue robbed me of a chance to play with my whole group tonight (work tomorrow, bed time now)

    Just a heads up so you don't spend significant amounts of time troubleshooting.
    The error for reference occurs after clicking play, and has error code 0XC000007b, which if I'm not mistaken means it was unable to load something it needs to launch the game.


  • Yeah they blocked it for some reason... feelsbadman :c

  • Well I don't know for sure that its being actively blocked, I wouldn't want to make accusations without some sort of evidence other than "its not working"

    That said, same issue occurs when just launching a server. The issue or block must be in the bootstrapper. It really sucks. I just want to make my games prettier ๐Ÿ™‚

    tbh, not even sure how someone could use reshade to inject. never cared to try, but I had thought reshade itself has its own block that activates when it detects online play.

    Personally I just apply the colour tweaks, sharpening, and small amounts of film grain to all my games, and this is the first time I haven't been able to get reshade to work since back when it was sweetFX.

  • He is right, you can thank the cheaters for that.

    then again what did I expect? really not shocking

    and ofc thanks for confirming Xerxes

    I haven't tried, but how about reshade through geforce experience? I'd assume that won't work but doesn't hurt to ask

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