Hosting/Joining Zombies Custom Games

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  • Hello, I am new to Plutonium and have been thoroughly impressed with the team behind this project.

    That said, I am doing everything that is asked of me to create a Custom Lobby with my friend. We are on two separate PC's, both on the same internet. I have been creating a Lobby, picking a map, and beginning the game. Once I am in the game, he attempts to join me by double-clicking my name in his friends list. This brings up a pop-up message saying, "Joining Game". However, it disappears within seconds and nothing more happens.

    I have done everything listed here:

    None of these things have helped, I've gone as far as to even allow Plutonium to get past my firewall. I've disabled my Webroot and even forwarded the ports required through my ISP. So can someone please point me in the right direction? I have a Zombies night planned within the next couple of months and would love to get this figured out.

    Thanks in advance!

  • this is what you gotta do:
    1 have host join the host create and join a custom game (make sure you both launch the game in lan mode)
    2 once the host is ingame open up your console by pressin "~"
    3 type "connect and then type your hosts ip adress.
    you can find your ip address by opening up the command prompt (on your device not on plutonium) and type ipconfig
    look for ipv4 and to the right you will find your ip address
    4 once you have entered "connect {hosts ip} press enter and you should join on whatever round your friend is on, you will be in spectator mode and will have to wait for the round to end

    hope this helps and if you both want to start from the begining when joining, thee are lots of mods that will force respawn you when you down

  • @kyemel_person, thank you. However, I had figured out that switching my Wifi Connection to Public was what fixed the issue.

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