Sry, me again.

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  • not quite sure if theres a point in writing in here again and i rly dont wan't to be annoying or Spam post. But since i can only type every 10 minutes its the only chance i have sry for that in advance. About an Hour ago i played BO2 Zombies with the Plutonium Toolbox (which i thought was fine since i played Solo Mode, Private Match, Lan Mode) Well, jokes on me, i got banned and my post got locked before i could interact with it and now im asking here for an unban since i don't think it was necessary. Please send me a pm in Discord or something (Lost Song #1067) so i can reply to whatever you will type.

  • @Cardinal221 you already got an answer tho...

    • we don't do manual unbans (see
    • you used an injector in online mode which will get you banned, doesn't matter if you played private match or online and also doesn't matter if you "caused harm"
    • the "bo2 toolbox" post on ukc clearly tells you that you should use it in lan mode
  • @Dss0 but i DID use it in lan mode. i don't think it is possible to mess it up. there is only one button and it says "LAN-Mode" i pressed it, the game opened and thats all there is to it. I undertsand the rules about no manual bans but i do think there are exceptions especially when it is undeserved. Do you honestly think i would have done it if the site said you'd be banned for it? of course not... i do not have much free time in my life so im enjoying little things like this game so please do not make me "just wait until the time is over"

  • @Cardinal221 you can't get banned in lan mode. The anticheat is not enabled and there is no connection to our backend.
    It's like if you expect your pc to work without the power being plugged in, simply not possible.

  • @Dss0 i really dont know what to say at this point anymore. I dont want to argue at all. But Im telling you what i did, you said its not possible and that you dont care even if i did not "hurt" anybody even though i was in a private lobby. Im literally begging at this point although i know it won't help so again... please god help me out here

  • @Cardinal221 said in Sry, me again.:

    @Dss0 you dont care

    Not me, those are the rules..
    If we made an exception for you we'd have to make exceptions for everyone from now on.
    Technically our rules are "any topics about unbans will be deleted" so i'm already breaking them by explaining to you why you got banned and that you have to wait till your ban expires.


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