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  • So I've set up a server ( bo2 T6 multiplayer ) and am trying to port forward it. My router panel said I set up port forwarding properlyport.PNG
    I have all plutonium things unblocked in my firewall, but my server doesn't show up on the server lists.
    ( I have fast internet and am connected via ethernet )
    https://canyouseeme.org/ said it can't see 4977 for "connection timed out "! ( in the batch file the port is 4977 and my server is running )
    I followed this tutorial
    ( disabled Xfinity Advanced Security and forwarded port 4977 using UDP )

    I know the server itself works because I can join using "connect localhost:4977" and everything plays like normal.

    In cmd when I do "Ipconfig" it tells me my local ipv4 address is and that's the device I have the port forwarded to.

    It isn't only plutonium, my port forwarding doesn't seem to work at all! I've tried various tutorials across the internet to help with this and all have failed me... So if anyone knows how to fix this please help! I've probably spent 20 hours over the course of a few months ( yes literally months ) trying to get it to work and I've decided to finally ask for help because it's seriously upsetting me.

    The best place to contact me is @ Jack_Durecki#8739 on discord, but here would be great too!

  • Whats the server name? Most likely your router does not support NAT Loopback.

  • Xfinity does not support loopback sorry mate

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