How to play in LAN mode? (Disabling Anti-Cheat)

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  • I was recently banned from Plutonium T6 for cheating. I was indeed using Cheat Engine in a private match to obtain static addresses for cheat development. Reading into the Plutonium anti-cheat, it seems like the anti-cheat is active in both custom games and public matches, but not when in LAN mode. Can someone explain in detail how to get into LAN mode so I don't get myself banned while testing again?

  • @itsmeft24 you just click on the arrow next to play

  • should of been obvious but why go threw the hassle of making a cheat just to get perm banned when you do finally make one hmmm you are just wasting your time? why should we not issue a perm ban if that is your attempt anyways?

  • Eh, at least now I know I should target offline mods like Redacted and stay away from Plutonium or official servers. My goal isn't really to mess with others in public matches if that makes any sense. Will continue to use Plutonium the way it is intended.

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