[Release] [Zombies] Bonus Survival Maps 3.0 (Updated January 2022)

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  • Bonus Survival Maps has been REWRITTEN and is ready for you to try out again!

    Also Note: Please report bugs found below!

    Created by GerardS0406, Cahz, and JezuzLizard
    First of all, I'm back beautiful people ❀

    The Bonus Survival Maps Mod has been completely rewritten to support custom-named scripts! Same maps and features with a little bit more added. Full changelog is below!

    Version 3.0 New Features:

    • Gamemode Selection (set zeGamemode survival) (vanilla/survival/sharpshooter)
    • Brand New Gamemode: Sharpshooter (Solo and Co-op) (Alpha Version)
    • Buried Maze Fountain doesn't look like a portal anymore.
    • Completely Rewritten to support Custom-Named Scripts
    • General bug fixes and crash prevention to previous versions.

    Maps and Features:


    • Cornfield (code: cornfield)
      • Sprinters from start, claymores, all 6 perks
    • Diner (code: diner)
      • Roof Open, all perks
    • Cabin (code: house)
      • Sprinters from start, Wunderfizz machine, powerups move to axe
    • Power Station (code: power)
      • Can hear Maxis when power turns on. hehe funny.
    • Tunnel (code: tunnel)
      • Pack in Lava like Town. Very cool.
    • Bus Depot (code: busdepot)
      • 4 perks + PaP
    • Farm (code: farm)
      • PaP Added
    • Town (code: town)
      • Regular Ol Town Survival

    Nuketown (code: nuketown)

    Die Rise

    • Spawn Building (code: building1top)
      • PHD added, Sliquifier is Pack-a-Punchable
    • Red Room (code: redroom)
      • PHD added, Wunderfizz Only

    Mob of the Dead

    • Docks (code: docks)
      • 4 additional perks (PHD, Mule Kick, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up), Tomahawk acquirable by filling dog with 18 souls, Acid Gat Bench, Shield
    • Cellblock (code: cellblock)
      • 4 additional perks (PHD, Mule Kick, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up), Tomahawk acquirable by filling dog with 18 souls, Acid Gat Bench, Shield
    • Rooftop/Bridge (code: rooftop)
      • 2 additional perks (PHD, Mule Kick), Tomahawk acquirable by filling dog with 18 souls


    • Maze (Challenge Map) (code: maze)
      • Sprinters from start, Perks and wall buys randomize location every playthrough, Maze changes every 5 rounds


    • Trenches (code: trenches)
      • Wunderfizz Machines, Staffs in box (after round 10), Staffs Pack-a-Punchable
    • Crazy Place (code: crazyplace)
      • Wunderfizz Machine, Staffs in box (after round 10), Staffs Pack-a-Punchable, Sprinters at start

    Other Features:

    • Dvar to turn on/off bosses (Brutus/Panzer) set useBossZombies 1 //1 by default
    • Dvar to play with no magic (No perks) (Like Bus Depot) set disableBSMMagic 0 //0 by default
    • Server can now rotate from one Survival Map on one map to another Survival Map on another map (for example: Diner on Tranzit -> Trenches on Origins)

    Release can be found here: https://github.com/JezuzLizard/Bonus-Survival-Maps-for-BO2/releases/tag/3.0

    Installation can be found here: https://github.com/JezuzLizard/Bonus-Survival-Maps-for-BO2/blob/master/INSTRUCTIONS - Plutonium.md

    Nearly all content was added by us, none of it was cut or in the game already ( with exception of the diner barriers which are a part of turned ).

    These are based on the base map meaning survival features like player models/viewhands from survival and such are not available for use. Enjoy!

    Got a Record? Submit it here!


    Want to try it out?
    Active Servers (Search in Pluto Browser):
    Leave discord below to be featured.


    Version 3.0 Update Release:
    New Feature(s):

    Gamemode Update
    New Gamemode: Sharpshooter (Solo and Co-op Supported)
    Gamemode Selection with set zeGamemode survival (vanilla/survival/sharpshooter)
    Completely Rewritten to support Custom Scripts
    Fixes a lot of bugs with the previous versions.

  • @GerardS0406 Very good resurrection m8

  • That totals the number of Maps provided in the mod to 10. Thanks for all your work bois.
    @GerardS0406 @JezuzLizard

  • When I try to compile the files I get an error saying bad syntax in line 0 any help?

  • This post is deleted!
  • @nSuomi The release on github is already compiled

  • @GerardS0406 Okay, I put the files where they need to be and my game keeps crashing when I try to load a map?

  • @nSuomi make sure you are running an older version of plutonium, or wait until one of the next updates that should fix being able to load the mod

  • Nice work πŸ‘

  • niceeeee!

  • The latest version of Plutonium now supports the mod!
    Also, mini update: we have noticed some bugs are occurring on some of the new maps (server freezing). If this occurs to you, please leave a detailed β€œbug report” below thank you πŸ™‚

  • I already ran the updater.bat and tried to run the server but i keep getting the same problem15b2973b-c57b-4f26-a7f4-886394ec7256-image.png

    It just crashes and keeps rebooting like before. What did I do wrong?

  • I apologize, the mod currently still does not work on latest version of plutonium, still only previous versions/staging versions.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Awesome Job, i would like to be help full for this project but i suck.
    Good Job Guys, keep it updated. I would like to see more from you guys πŸ˜ƒ β™₯

  • @GerardS0406 Amazing dude, excellent release! How can i get a previous Plutonium version?

  • @MetalThunder you have to have saved it. The next pluto version will support the mod when it releases!

  • @GerardS0406 okaay! thanks, i cant wait for it! 😍

  • Version 2.0.1 Update Release:
    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixes an issue with Die Rise causing server to crash
    • Fixes fountain not killing players on Buried
    • Disables calling of Tank on Trenches Map
    • General Stability Fixes


    • Smoother Map Rotation (unnoticeable outside of code but thought I'd add it πŸ˜› )
    • Support for Town, Farm, and Bus Depot (all featuring perks and pack a punch)
    • Support for vanilla Nuketown Survival
    • (Don't want perks on Bus Depot? Just disable magic in the config (this works for all maps)) set disableBSMMagic 1
    • Removal of insta-kill rounds

    New Map(s):

    • Crazyplace (Origins) - 4 perks + Wunderfizz + PaP, Sprinters at start.
    • Rooftop/Bridge (server owners don't use unless you want to test until verified stability)

    Note: Mod Now Works on latest version of Plutonium!

  • @GerardS0406 this is revolutionary

  • Hotfix released. MUST UPDATE FOR SERVER OWNERS: hotfix fixes map rotation for crazyplace.

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