Framerate Stuttering

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  • Hello! First of all, I loved playing PlutoIW5 when it rereleased. I played it almost every night, and the community was great. However, I have since gone back to playing it and I am having really annoying framerate stutters that make the game unplayable due to how frequent they are. I could be on a 24 kill streak and then a chain of stutters appear out of nowhere and ruin everything. Like I said, very annoying. I have seen people post similar threads about what I can only imagine to be the same issue I'm experiencing here. I have tried disabling fullscreen optimizations for the bootstrapper, and I am 100% certain my pc specs aren't the issue. I have an RTX 3070 with a Ryzen 9 3900x. If anyone has any insight into this issue or has personally ran into it, I would love to hear your feedback if you've found any solutions.

    I also have videos of the aforementioned issue. The videos are here (gameplay footage) and here (mouse input stuttering)

    Edit: I have just realized the gameplay footage isn't as noticeable in the recording as I'd hoped. The mouse input footage is much more noticeable.

  • @dotlog Hello,

    What settings are you using in-game? Do you have a limit set for com_maxfps? If not, you could try to limit your FPS to 144/200/300 for example to see if that helps!

  • @RektInator My max fps is set to 300 currently. Here are the rest of my video settings: Screenshot (132).png

  • @dotlog Maybe updating your GPU drivers could help? Also did you recently update your GPU drivers ? Do you think this problem happens since the latest update?

    Also this is what fixed a similar issue for me (on high end config too) on another old game:
    Go in Nvidia panel > Manage 3D settings > Select plutonium-bootstrapper-win32 > Vsync : Fast and Low Latency Mode : Ultra

  • @lResxt Just tried everything you said, and unfortunately it's still happening. Might be worth noting however that I had completely different hardware last time I had good performance on this game. I had a Ryzen 3 2200g and a GTX 680.

  • Try using DDU and do a clean install of the Nvidia driver.

  • @Xerxes If it was a driver issue, wouldn't I have the issue on all games? I have no frame rate issues on T6 or T4.

  • Also, I just tried TeknoMW3 to see if the same thing happened there and it did. I didn't even need to go in-game to notice, it was happening on the main menu. I'm assuming it's an mw3 issue rather than an issue with my pc.

  • its a issue with your pc then

  • @FragsAreUs I was really hoping it wasn't since it's going to be near impossible for me to figure out what's causing it to stutter. Especially if it's something that affects literally no other game.

  • I think I've discovered a temporary solution. Launching Razer Cortex and boosting fps through that seems to get rid of the issue. I have no idea why it would fix it, but it seems to be fine so far. I'm assuming it kills off whatever process is causing the stuttering? No clue though.

  • Follow up again. That solution seems to only work sometimes for some reason. So I still have the issue.

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