Can't host custom game with my friends I tried all

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  • I have the UPnP enabled, I checked my ports in my router and tried everything, I tried changing the default port from 4976 to 4977 and nothing, also I tried to enable all the aplications through the firewall, I put my network profile to private and nothing, also port forwarding and nothing I guess, I don't know if I did it well89237489237498234.png 23470283740234.png

  • @pepsi-con-limon on your second screenshot are you sure that "Internal host" is your PC? Also as the guide says make sure to be in-game to be joined.
    If you did all that then maybe that's your issue:
    even if you did everything correctly some softwares can still block the connections like your firewall or your antivirus firewall.

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