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  • Hello plutonium communities and staff.

    i have been banned today i don t really understand why reason cheating okay i understand just used modmenu multiplayer (ONLY BOTS can't use it online) and just a modmenu zombie (only solo too can't use it online) so i don't really understand my ban like i can't ruin the game so why ? i intalled these 2 things just for fun and know it was only solo so don't really understand

    PS: Yeah i created another account main was SaFize i know i can t bypass ban if i created another account i just tried like a retarded people sorry ://

    thanks for reading my post

  • @SaFizeV2 Anticheat ban policy that you should have read clearly says that the anticheat is always active in online mode even in solo/custom game so just wait for the unban and follow the instructions next time.

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