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  • So I have made a few custom camos in the past but they were all DLC camos, now I am playing plutonium again I was just wondering if there is a way to edit/change the base camos (Weapon challenges camos) because I kinda wanna give BO2 a new feel ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any response/advice welcome/appreciated

  • a while ago i made a camo pack, it also included non dlc camos. all files you need should be in there. if you use/edit them, pls give credits.

  • @Tw_iBL_eR Thanks man that is a pretty dope pack to be honest I think I will just use that pack for now ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I need to ask you a question, whenever I make camos for some strange reason the camos seem faded in game, or like there is some sort of thin layer of white paint over the top of the camos. Is there any way I can fix that?

  • @StealtH I know exactly what you mean but as far as I know it is not possible to change this. because the camofile itself was coded in such a way that it reflects so much light and sadly we can't edit those. or maybe there is a roughness texture somewhere, all the base camos refer to, that i missed not 100% sure.

  • @StealtH Try lowering the opacity of the camo in your photo editing program into the 10%-20% range to get rid of the white reflective effect.

  • @Cahz well looks like I have to learn alot about this engine. you helped me too with that answer. I guess I am going to rework some of my camos than. Thx man

  • There's a pretty simple way to get rid of the washed out white look without lowering the opacity. Just add a clipping mask on to the custom pattern you are putting on ๐Ÿ™‚ DovahKunt Was the genius that thought of this by the way not me!

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