Plutonium IW5 Modding Showcase: Special Ops on Oilrig (release soon)

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  • Greetings everyone!

    As we all know, IW5 has received new modding capabilities through native GSC support that was implemented by one of the more recent updates.

    Followed by a request made by a plutonium staff member a few months ago, we've made a showcase as an example of what's possible in IW5 now.

    This showcase is about one of the 6-player special ops CO-OP missions that are featured in our project MW2: Reimagined.

    The mission takes place on a singleplayer map called Oilrig which has been ported from IW4 to IW5 along with the mission's code that had to be adjusted to the game's different mechanics, balancing, weapons and the fact that IW5's GSC support is still quite new and has a few issues here and there.

    The mission has the following features:

    • Mission takes place on a custom map
    • Custom music & sounds
    • Several different objectives that the players have to solve in order to proceed
    • Boss fights against very powerful opponents
    • In-game cinematics
    • Large bonus boss with very powerful abilities
    • Includes all IW5 + plutonium specific weapons that can either be found on the map or are used/dropped by enemies
    • Includes plutonium specific dvars (bg_legacyfootsteps, sv_enableDoubleTaps, g_playerCollision + g_playerEjection)
    • Custom AI soldiers that do not take up client slots and have following features:
      • Attacks enemy players when in sight or range (depending on their behaviour)
      • Chases players that get out of sight (if not set to guard a location)
      • Fights other soldiers if they're hostile
      • Tries to attack and destroy objectives if there's any
      • Uses weapons with their proper stats (such as damage, reload time, rof, etc.)
      • Drops weapon upon death with the ammo the soldier had left in the magazine
      • Imitates natural accuracy with recoil settings so that not every shot hits the target
      • Can be stunned using flash bangs/concussion grenades (juggernauts are immune to concussions grenades though)
      • Can use weapon attachments
      • Can follow path nodes that may include settings (such as speed or stance)
      • Always tries to stay on the floor rather than float around (if possible)
      • Supports sneaking (won't see player hiding behind a bush - though Oilrig has no stealth parts)
      • And more

    Here's a full gameplay video of the mission:
    Youtube Video

    Keep in mind that even though the soldiers have quite a lot of features, they're still basic and require improvements in some areas.

    Whenever we'll do new improvements to our AI soldiers to make them look better and smarter, we'll add the changes as an update to the IW5 version of this mission.

    What's also important to note: Some entities and effects had to be removed from Oilrig as well, since the game (unlike IW4) was struggling with the amount of soldiers that are present in some parts of the mission.

    Some ambient sounds also had to be removed due to the fact that IW5 takes up about 1.1 GB of RAM upon start up and gave an "out of memory" error whenever trying to launch the map.


    In my opinion porting this mission to IW5 was very challenging.

    The road to get this mission to work without any issues during gameplay was very rocky and sometimes a nightmare.

    A lot of the things that you can do in IW4 don't work in IW5 yet (which is understandable, since its modding aspect is still relatively new) so you'll have to find a workaround for that specific issue.

    Simple functions such as waittill_any were unknown to the compiler or functions such as MusicPlay() would crash the game which means that less convenient methods had to be used to achieve the same goal.

    Porting specific models or even animations with the public version of IW5 Zonetool also provided some trouble when loading the map (e.g. some juggernaut types have to use their SP model counterparts with lesser quality animations rather than our versions that were converted to normal MP bodies for MP animations.)

    Even though it was troublesome at the beginning, it was fun in the end and we're glad that we managed to bring this mission to IW5 so that potential modders can take a look at what's possible, and possibly get new ideas for their modding projects.

    This game has a lot of potential when it comes to modding and it will be exciting to see what this community will create in the near future (especially when the modding support gets improved over time).


    Well this is pretty much our showcase, we hope that you've enjoyed it.

    There's still a few small bugs that have to be fixed for the public before it can be released, feel free to check out this topic in a few days/weeks for the download link which will be posted <here>.

    If you're interested into seeing the original version of the Oilrig mission as a comparison then here's the video:
    Youtube Video


    Mission made by MW2:R:

    • Killera
    • a231
    • Dissociation / Dss0
    • Konin
    • H3X1C
    • Homura
    • Emosrealm / Evan
    • X3RX35
    • HE3M

    If you're interested into following the MW2:R project then feel free to do so:

    Powered by Zonetool:

    The MW2:R project is powered by Zonetool which was made by RektInator:

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    Very cool stuff man, great work on this. IW5 deserves more love like this!

  • Great work guys - I've pinned the thread as it deserves attention.

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