dude, im not cheating.

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  • i got banned after a 22-4 and the only documents i modified was getting the gold and diamond camouflages. Im 100% legit but your anticheat i dont know how the fuck just banned me xdddd.

  • Can you link me your original account? Also the anticheat's 100% legit as well, logs don't lie. You modify game memory in any way, you get banned.

    Edit: Your other account's iMariio, you injected into t6mp and got banned. This has nothing to do with you going 22-4 on one match or you putting the gold/diamond stats file in your Plutonium folder. https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/3449/anticheat-ban-policy

    Don't bother creating anymore posts, they're gonna be trashed as soon as you post them.

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