PlutoniumMW3 bad experience

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  • Hello,
    i'm a old MW3 player (2013) and i tried all the different version out,
    after playing tekno for soo long i started thinking of switching to pluto.

    At the moment i'm unable to do so since plutonium feels unresponsive compare to tekno,
    while on tekno i'm able to get great scores here on pluto i barely get 1:1 kills/deaths ratio:

    • The game is really slow compare to my movements
    • Bullets barely hit the target even if the aim is perfect
    • Bullet travel time is extreamly low

    My FPS is 300 on average so i think this is not a problem related to PC specs or power.

    The overall experience is awefull, i can't get 10m on the game before quitting...

    In the end i can't make the swith from Tekno (outdated) even i'd like to !

  • first if you are playing at 300 you should just cap it at 125 playing at 300-333 makes your jumps floaty as you are used to tekno not being able to even get close to 300 also compared to slow movements there is a jump slow down effect that happens after you jump that can also be the reason you think its slow if you jump corners alot

    when it comes to hit reg are you playing on a server that is really far from you never had a issue with hit reg and I play it more then I do bo2 we did nothing to modify the hit reg of the game other then using the latest files from steam

    and bullet travel? did you know bullet travel was not a thing until bo4 the game mw3 still uses hit scans there are no physical bullets that travel the game does a calculation if you hit or miss at the time you shot your gun there are constant lines being drawn per gun shot you fire

    as TGD always play on here he never complained about movement being off or anything like that?

  • @Glad-I-a-T-or-7 Match the FPS to what it was on Tekno. But in the end it may feel different due to Plutonium being more performant.

  • Hello,
    i set FPS limit to 80 and this seems to works.

    Thanks !

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