How do I remove a game from the launcher?

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  • Title. (I uninstalled IW5 but it still shows up in the launcher)

  • @Arsonlc you cannot remove the game icons if that's what you ask. If you're talking about the fact that the button still says "Play" this is because a path is still set for the game. You could remove it in the config files if this bothers you. Idk where it is exactly as I'm not on PC rn but it's in %localappdata%\Plutonium

    You should find a file that contains the iw5 path. Just remove the path while the launcher is closed and save the file. Make sure to keep the structure, only delete the text of your path not the rest

  • Thank you. I figured this out on my own, but thank you (good for anyone who has the same problem).

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