the plutonium.exe does not appear in my bo2 folder .

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  • after selecting bo2 in the setup portion of the launcher for bo2 zombies the plutonium.exe does not appear there like in the images. then when i press play it just pops up a blank black box with the typing cursor. i also tried deleting it but i think it was just the launcher but idk where the other files are or anything. i need help lol

  • @darkestmuffin72 which OS are you using? Plutonium doesn't support Windows 7.

    If you're using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 press Win + R type winver and send a screenshot of the window that opens.
    If you're not on Windows 7 you can also try running the Redist Installer to make sure you have all required redists. Place it anywhere, run it and let it finish to install all the redists then restart your PC and try again.

    As for plutonium.exe make sure your antivirus isn't blocking it. You can get a fresh copy of the launcher from any install guide on the forum.

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