new cods in the future?

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  • Good night, do you intend to make another cod soon (example 2022), because unfortunately the servers of the old cods are practically empty (except bo3), or you intend to keep the ones you already have (I saw that there are cods that do not have clients like bo1 and the cod modern warfare and the above) Thanks for your attention ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Every cod below Black Ops 3 has a client.

    Cod4x(Original Modern Warfare)
    Plutonium T4(World at War)
    IW4x(Modern Warfare 2)
    Rekt T5(Black Ops 1)
    Plutonium IW5(Modern Warfare 3)
    Plutonium T6(Black Ops 2)
    S1x(Advanced Warfare)

  • @Deempz as said above there's already a client for all CoD below BO3 and there's no point in having multiple clients for a game. BO3 and above probably won't get a client until a long time because of possible law suits. Also BO3 already has everything a client would add so there's no point in creating a client for it.

  • @lResxt There is actually... because Rekt T5 is completely dead and it's not because of disinterest. It's the poor way the devs handle it. Virtually no one knows of its existence and it's download instructions are hidden away in some forum post. Whereas IW4X and Plutonium do a great job. BO1 is broken on Steam and needs to be saved and incompetence has killed it's replacement

    I had to make an account just to say this. The staff and contributors here don't seem to get that. I've read through each thread and they are dismissed so easily. The reason not many are playing T4 is because WaW on PC is perfectly fine...can't get banned (no VAC)..plenty of people playing, etc. The rules on this version are more strict actually.

    I guarantee you if Plutonium had Bo1 and it was properly advertised by having Youtubers play it, it would be very active

    Anyway..small rant. just had to say my piece. Just something to think about. I know that the devs here are friends with those at REKT T5 but it doesn't change anything. Not trying to be hostile or rude just had to be honest here

  • @silentvenom999 actually new people who but was physical can't play the game online it is impossible for them to do so we did t4 for nostalgia and to bring improvements like dedi's and raw gsc loading for devs we have too much to work on to even look into starting work on a new client.

  • I hope they add one when the Dedicated Server tools for that game comes out, I'm hoping its gonna be COD4 or BO4, (And of course) Maybe Even BO1.

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