NexusCore - A Send Off & Love Letter To Plutonium

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  • Where to begin?

    I met Chase, which is now a Plutonium staff member, way back a year and a half ago. Great guy, very smart, and eager to learn. I soon realized I had a lot to learn from him as well. So, we started working together. After trial & error with catchy names, and a few AI Zombies later... We landed on NexusCore.

    After months of working together, our community exploded with traffic. Mainly known for our NukeJacked & Zombie servers in T6, it was nonetheless a great time. We still carried our operations in XLABS a bit and still kept a few servers across IW4X & S1x respectively.

    I have to say... It's been an honor dealing with the Plutonium staff. They are incredibly smart people and expect you to put in the effort in finding a problem before they give you the ultimate solution. Software will never be perfect, and for the Plutonium staff, I don't believe any of the clients will ever be finished for them.

    "Perfect is the enemy of the good" - Voltaire | It's never about Plutonium being perfect. It's about Plutonium being the best it can be in the time it is given.

    NexusCore ultimately shut down due to a lack of funding. Servers cost money & manpower to keep them running smoothly. As the leader of NexusCore, I never begged for donations. The goal for NexusCore was just to provide a community service with a great group of admins & community leaders around us.

    For me, I enjoyed working in NexusCore because it gave me the opportunity to explore & expand my education in the IT world. You learn a whole lot when building out massive production environments. Soft skills taken from NexusCore will allow me to further my skillsets in my career going forward. I encourage anyone to start in a place like Plutonium as it's where I started my IT journey 12 years ago with a former MW2 client.

    I want to end by saying, I appreciate all of you! The Plutonium community is most certainly not dead. It surprises me to this day how many new people, especially the younger audience, are still so involved with these clients.

    To Plutonium & the staff, thank you for the opportunity and knowledge sets given to us over the years at NexusCore. You have been tentative, informal, and caring to all our needs. THANK YOU!

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  • @LeonLionHeart Wish they weren't.

  • @LeonLionHeart rest in bits my good team :(´

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