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  • Dear Pluto Devs,

    your Client has been around for a while, but it still has sooo many ANNOYING issues that can be fixed easily. To make things clear, Mw3 is a game that is way beyond it's life support, and certain things won't be ever fixed, like the lack of players and the amount of annoying sweats. I have made a list for you that contains all the small but extremely annoying issues that CAN BE FIXED but never have been.

    1. Improve HITREG
      Mw3 never had a great hit detection, but it's somehow worse on here. Evidence: go into a private match, spawn in some bots and shoot one bullet at an bot and look how long it takes for the game to register the hit. And that is a pretty big delay with a 5 ms ping in a private match. In online matches, it's even worse, making the game super inconsistent. Especially with how sweaty it is these days. Please fix the hitreg, because other cods like cod4x somehow did it better. Bcs for example: When I am on cod4 in a private match with bots and a 5 ms ping, it means that the hitmarker shows up in the next 5 ms. I play on 60hz, which means that there's a new frame every 16 ms. Which means that the hitmarker should show up in the next frame, which it does on cod4, but not on IW5.

    2. Remove Team collision
      Not much to say here, it's f***ing annoying to spawn in and and not being able to move, because you are bumping into your teammates, which means that when everyone's stuck, enemies get 5 free kills with the acr, because noone can move.

    3. Patch ACR / MP7, MK14, Shotguns, Explosives, Stuns....
      These things make the game pure cancer. Either remove the Acr and Mp7 entirely from the game or decrease their damage. No server admin is gonna do that, it is all on the client itself. Those things are killing way to quickly, and combined with how sweaty plutonium is these days it makes the game unenjoyable.

    4. Visibility
      Please remove r_fog, because it's distracting. Especially in such a toxic, braindead and sweaty enviroment.

    I hope you take this message seriously and try to patch at least one of these things. Because your client has the potential to be a revival for mw3, otherwise I feel like it's going to keep declining.

    Please respond if you intend to patch these issues.

    Thanks in advance,


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