Linux support on all platforms. Why is it not a thing?

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  • I currently host the server "PostalCore" on a windows VPS. I'd like to use my VPS for other things on the side but can't because they're all Ubuntu 20 things. Why aren't the server backends supported on literally any linux distro? I could make support for ubuntu unless there's some underlying reason why it won't work. I'd be happy with just an explanation as to why there's not any sort of linux support for backend.

  • @PostalDev not sure what you mean. Are you saying you are running a pluto server on windows but would like to switch to linux so you can also run linux-only software? Well the pluto servers do work on linux via wine:

    Making software that was written for windows (cod) run on linux natively is not an easy task..

    Alternatively you could leave windows installed and use the linux subsystem for windows or run a vm with linux on the windows server.

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