Problem with the Plutonium.exe

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  • an error occurs when I try to open the Plutonium.exe to start to play and only allows me to run the LAN mode
    The error sais: "failed to check for updates" and shows a Crash IDPXL_20210819_051315068~2.jpg PXL_20210819_051742359~2.jpg

  • @ReyCuba
    Delete plutonium.exe and and download a new copy of the launcher here:
    Then place the new exe anywhere you want: on your desktop or in your game files folder for example and run it.
    The update process will start and you won't have anything more to do next times, only run plutonium.exe and it'll automatically update

    If this still doesn't work then reply by saying what your antivirus is (even if it is disabled or has exclusions)

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