Hacker in WaW

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  • This dude is using some kind of cheat to make him invincible and no matter how much lead he ate during his knife streak he wouldn't die. Heres a video proof as well.
    Youtube Video

    p.s. Sorry for bad quality ๐Ÿ™‚

  • seems like either the server you are playing on has sv_cheats enabled or he is a staff / server owner and is being a cunt there is no way for someone to have god mode on in a server with out the server having sv_cheats 1 on

  • @FragsAreUs That explains it, either he is in fact staff but i doubt he is because his account was created a day ago or he found some software that buypasses sv_cheats command because sv_cheats are off (i double checked). Either way it doesnt matter that much, he left in the meantime and if he comes back i can only pray the admins are present that can get him out of the game. Thank you for replying!

  • @FragsAreUs

    EnableInvulnerability() is a GSC function that can be applied to any player regardless of sv_cheats.

    However, this is not god mode. He would not be taking damage or flinching at all if it was the GSC function or the cheat command.

    There is another command called demigod which prevents you from dying from fatal damage but you still take damage and flinch.

    In this particular case if sv_cheats was disabled the only legitimate method is for the individual to be a scummy server who increased his health to an obscene amount. Albeit I have not tested this on T4. If you increase your health on T6 beyond a certain threshold the hit indicator is significantly less noticeable and the hit sound is quieter.

    If this person is not associated with the server owner and sv_cheats was disabled then this particular individual was definitely cheating because even if a mod was loaded that increased all players' health, unless the knife damage was also increased, it would not be a one hit kill.

  • @st0rm Wanna try to explain this as this was on your server?

  • @Xerxes After speaking with @INeedGames I was informed that there is god mode glitch that may be similar to this in T5.

    Essentially whether intentionally or unintentionally this individual may have triggered this glitch resulting in the inability to be killed. The reason they could not die is because GSC possibly triggered the death notify on the player essentially making the game treat them as if they were already dead even though they didn't actually die.

    Youtube Video

    Reading the description of this video gives the instructions on how to replicate the glitch. It appears to be incredibly time consuming and complicated requiring precision to execute correctly.

    It is isn't well known if there is a similar exploit in vanilla T4 but it would certainly be difficult to debug until its repeatable .

  • @Xerxes Our server are vanilla with the addition of the bots and mapvote. I've already banned this dude off our server 3 days ago.

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