make is so you can see and join own dedicated server windows only

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  • putting this here because it covers all games

    windows only
    should work on any servers any game on same pc
    or do this on both pc
    game pc and server pc
    if your not hosting and gaming on same pc

    this has nothing to do with your router having loopback or not
    and of course you must forward ports not going over that here we will continue like that is done

    hope this helps see lots of post on this

    1. Step
      Press windows-key+R to open the run-dialog
      enter “hdwwiz” without the quotation marks hit Enter.
      In the new window click next, on the next page select the second option (should say sth like “select hardware from a list manually”) and click next again.
      From the list select “network adapter” and click next.
      On the next page select “Microsoft” as Manufacturer (left) and on the right side select “Microsoft Loopbackadapter”.
      just look for on with LoopbackAdapter in name depends on what windows your on and service packet
      Click next and wait until installation is finished.

    2. Step
      Press Win-key+R again, enter “ncpa.cpl” without quotation marks and hit Enter.
      In the appearing window you will find a new network connection called “LAN Connection XY…Microsoft Loopbackadapter”, right click this and select Properties.
      On the Properties page click on “Internetprotocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” so it is highlighted, then click the Properties button.
      Select “Use the following IP address” and enter your PCs external IP, which you can find out your ip on google serch "my ip" you need IPv4 ip not IPv6
      or type "ipconfig" without the quotation in powershell or consol to get IPv4 ip
      Click OK, a warning will appear, notifying you that the Subnet mask is missing. Simply click OK again and the standard Subnet mask will be entered automatically.
      Click OK.
      Now you should be able to join a server within your own network or on the same PC as the game and see it in sever list and join from ther.
      Note: If your ISP assigns you a new IP each time you re-connect, you will have to change the IP used in the adapter accordingly (or get a fixed IP)

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