Temporary Ban

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  • To whomever would be able to help, I stupidly tried to use an ESP on a PRIVATE match with bots, wasn't going to use it in a server, and I got a 7 day ban. That's fine, I deserve it I guess. From today, I only had 2 days left, but I really wanted to play so I tried to make a completely different account so I could play on a server on a game I paid $60 for and my ban got pushed back to 8 days. I know it said anyway around the ban and it results in further punishment but come on, it's not like I tried to hack in the database or something. Can anyone please at least make the ban back to 2 days in which I originally I had left?

  • The initial ban message tells you to not create any new accounts, and unfortunately, you went and did it anyways, and now must suffer the consequences of your actions.

    Wait out your ban, and use lan mode next time. This allows you to cheat to your hearts content.

    Do not create further threads about this issue, or your forum privileges will be revoked.

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