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  • i got a message saying plutonium iw5 was a threat while in the middle of a game


    Taken from ^

    The Plutonium Launcher and IW5 / T6 Mod are created by a group who make this as a hobby, as such, we cannot afford Code Signing certificates (roughly $500 for a reputable one), this means when we release updates, plenty of AntiVirus products will see our newly created files with no Code Signing as suspicious. Plutonium also keeps itself up to date and sends requests to our servers to grab the serverlist and to talk to our anticheat, this also causes AntiVirus products to mark us as malicious. As such we get many support requests due to AntiVirus deleting our files - we, therefore, provide instructions and files below to add Exclusions to Windows Defender for Plutonium if you require them. Some players find that their Windows Defender doesn't complain whereas others players struggle.

    TLDR: It's a false positive, you need to exclude the %localappdata%/plutonium folder in Windows Defender.

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