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  • i got banned from the plutonium discord. i think it was for making fun of a guy who posted a scam link. he posted a scam link that was obviously a scam, so i said, (mimicking him)
    Steam is giving away 3 months of Discord Nitro for free to all no limited steam users
    ๐Ÿ‘‘ :Customize your profile, share your screen in HD, update your emoji and more! or something like that. i dont know why i was banned as if it was a serious scam link. its just something i wrote in like 5 seconds. can somebody tell me if this was a fair ban?

  • Before I ask the staff member who made the ban to comment.

    I do want to check, you can see why this happened though, right?

    Our server is targetted by spam links and discord token grabbers, staff don't have the time to check links - the message needs removing ASAP and banning solves that problem.

  • We take everything seriously just because someone posted a scam link all you had to do was tag a staff not mimic the link as we get these on a daily basis and it caused to you get banned because we don't take stuff like that as a joke we care 100% about the community I will not unban you I will let higher up know about this issue and they can decide if they want to unban you or not we have a rule against shit posting and especially people/bots who post scam links. You may think it was a joke but you have understand what we go threw every day over this

  • You have been unbanned pls don't try to do this "joke" again just in the future pls just tag staff and don't try to mimic it as a joke

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