Audio issue above 32bit 192khz

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  • So basically my Soundcard is native 32 bit 384khz but no cod that is launched with Pluto will have ANY sound above 32 bit 192khz, which is quite annoying to always change my audio quality before playing said titles. Is this an issue that can be fixed in future updates? And im not talking about upping the audio quality, just to fix the output sound even if the default audio device is running above 192khz

  • @Tqhr Just use 192kHz if it's so annoying to change everytime. Anything above 48kHz is pointless for ANYTHING but music track mastering.

  • @AutisticLulu I didnt ask for advice on what quality to use, i wanted to know if its something that they are maybe gonna take a look at in the future or not. Because the game starting without sound under certain circumstances IS an issue.

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