Stuck on "Checking for saved credentials"

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  • Downloaded the game 2 days ago, it was working perfectly. Played it this morning and there was no problem. Tried to play in the afternoon and the game would be stuck in the launcher saying "Checking for saved credentials". Restarted the launcher a couple of times and assumed that it was corrupt. Uninstalled everything and re-installed everything from scratch. Opened the launcher and the "Checking for saved credentials" didn't show up anymore, but now when I launched the game, it wouldn't start. It would be stuck trying to load the game. I closed the launcher to restart it and I'm back to being stuck with "Checking for saved credentials". How do I fix this???

  • Delete %localappdata%/Plutonium/config.json and info.json and see if you can play the game again.

    As for the game not launching and seeing you getting stuck on the login page, could be a problem with authentication. Something's blocking Pluto, make sure you don't have any 3rd party firewalls blocking it. Try changing DNS to or use a VPN.

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