An issue ocurred when logging in. Handshake: certificate verify failed.

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  • Good night.

    I get an error on the login screen of the launcher. When I insert my credentials and then I press the "Sign in" button, an error appears on the bottom of the window:

    An issue ocurred when loggin in.
    handshake: certificate verify failed

    Screenshot of the error (the credentials on the boxes where removed after taking the screenshot by myself):


    I tried the following things to try the fix the problem:

    • Removing all the files of Plutonium, including the folder pluto_t6_full_game and the folder at %localappdata%/Plutonium.

    • Adding an exception to the folder to my antivirus (Kaspersky).

    • Adding an exception to the executable to my antivirus.

    • Executing the launcher as admin.

    What can I do to fix this error?

    Thanks, and greetings.

  • After some time of researching I've found that the problem was by the antivirus, and somehow the exceptions were not working.

    To fix the problem, follow this steps if you're using kaspersky:

    • Open Kaspersky GUI.

    • Go to the left bottom site of the window and click on the gear to enter the config.

    • Click on "Additional configuration" on the left side.

    • Click on Restore. This will restore your antivirus settings to its default.

    If you are using another antivirus as Bitdefender, you'll have to restore default settings or disable temporally the firewall.

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