Diamond camo texture problem

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  • So i downloaded BO2 Files Organized By Volkz. I used it to get to the diamond camo file. i was changing the diamond camo to make it look like plague diamond from BOCW and i noticed there were two seperate files for the dimond camo: the actual diamond, and the gold on it. so i go to pixlr x web image editor and change the color of the diamond texture. i do the same with the gold texture on the diamond camo. and i use https://www.aconvert.com/image/png-to-dds/ to convert png to dds. then i use iwi_dds_fast_converter to convert to iwi. I rename the diamond part of the camo to

    and the gold part of the camo to

    which were the file names.

    this is what the diamond camo part looks like:
    ive done some work and now the diamond part of the camo just looks dark.

    and this is what the gold part looked like:

    i drop the files in C:\Games\pluto_t6_full_game\t6r\data\images

    and this is what pops up as the camo:

    both of the files are named correctly, or at least according to the bo2 files organized by Volkz. Maybe it has something to do with the camo_diamond_nml.png file at C:\Users\User\Desktop\BO2 Files Organized By Volkz\Files\mp\Camos\Camos\Originals\Diamond?

    the diamond_camo_nml.png looks like this:
    any help would be great!

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  • @SxolarBit

    You sure you got the filename right?, it can be too, i tried with the two camo png's but it doesn't work



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