Diamond camo texture problem

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  • So i downloaded BO2 Files Organized By Volkz. I used it to get to the diamond camo file. i was changing the diamond camo to make it look like plague diamond from BOCW and i noticed there were two seperate files for the dimond camo: the actual diamond, and the gold on it. so i go to pixlr x web image editor and change the color of the diamond texture. i do the same with the gold texture on the diamond camo. and i use https://www.aconvert.com/image/png-to-dds/ to convert png to dds. then i use iwi_dds_fast_converter to convert to iwi. I rename the diamond part of the camo to

    and the gold part of the camo to

    which were the file names.

    this is what the diamond camo part looks like:
    ive done some work and now the diamond part of the camo just looks dark.

    and this is what the gold part looked like:

    i drop the files in C:\Games\pluto_t6_full_game\t6r\data\images

    and this is what pops up as the camo:

    both of the files are named correctly, or at least according to the bo2 files organized by Volkz. Maybe it has something to do with the camo_diamond_nml.png file at C:\Users\User\Desktop\BO2 Files Organized By Volkz\Files\mp\Camos\Camos\Originals\Diamond?

    the diamond_camo_nml.png looks like this:
    any help would be great!

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  • @SxolarBit

    You sure you got the filename right?, it can be too, i tried with the two camo png's but it doesn't work



  • Send me it

  • have you figured it out yet?, I have come across the same problem

  • Most of the camos have an Alpha Channel and messing that up can cause this problem I have a tutorial on how it works If the alpha channel on this camo is left black it will appear Transparent (Invisible) and you will only see the base color which is what is seen here

    Im not for sure if this is the problem but It's possible Ill prob check it out myself and see

    Heres the Guide that i made on the Alpha Channel I feel it would be useful for beginners that are trying to get into making camos that are Animated and or have a lot of detail like Diamond for Example

    Heres the Guide: https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/19728/how-to-change-team-icons-cdc-cia-explaining-the-alpha-channel-exporting-and-editing-textures?_=1650646179210

    It explains how to Export Textures and give you more of an Understanding on what the Alpha Channel is and what its used for if you need anymore Explanation feel free to reply on the forums with your questions and ill try my best to answer them

    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜„

    Edit: am looking at this post in more detail and may realize the Cause of the Problem

    Converting PNG's to DDS maybe causing the problem I made this mistake also when I first started it does not convert correctly for some reason since DDS. does support Normal Transparency Like how a Png does

    DDS. Transparency and PNG are totally different from what I understand

    Im pretty sure you can use the Alpha Channel in a PNG Image to maybe fix this problem but at this point its easier to just remake the camo
    and pull the Files using Greyhound and just have them Export as DDS so the alpha channel will be correct

  • and also most of the time the nml aka (Normal Map) isn't used if you're simply trying to change the color of a camo and not the Details of it

    the normal map is what makes the Diamonds appear 3D in game basically thats the best way I can explain it to my knowledge

  • I ended up just replacing bacon camo rather than diamond, it still looks pretty good in my opinion.

  • Ok yea maybe not ive encountered the same thing even just by pulling them normally !Plutonium Screenshot 2022.04.23 -

    I have an idea of what it maybe I only Modified a few files




    Files that were untouched

    diamond_noise.dds and diamondnoiser.dds

    The only thing I think the problem is was making

    ~gcamo_diamond_alt_col.dds Pink imma try it without it and have everything else pink and see what that does

  • I messed around with diamond_noise.dds and all it did was make the diamond part not as shiny. diamondnoiser.dds didnt seem to do much, but its still worth a try. I also tried messing with fxt_lensflare_diamond.dds and that didnt seem to do much.

    This is what I managed to do with the bacon camo, it makes a great alternative

  • @CHUBBY891 Made a discovery just now

    ~~-gcamo_diamond_alt_spc-rgb&~f3ca3064.dds is the secondary color

    aka the Pink part that isn't diamond so what Im thinking is

    You copy the Diamond Pattern that you colored pink and move it to
    ~~-gcamo_diamond_alt_spc-rgb&~f3ca3064.dds and also take the alpha layer by making it a new doc and just having it be a Alpha Layer like this 9b18deb0-537d-49e4-89e8-88f504a1f4db-image.png

    Well I did this and it did change but it's still not that great Plutonium Screenshot 2022.04.23 - It looks pretty god damn bad It may look better If I were to make that the proper size and also tbh a nml change may be needed to make this work fully tbh

    After I resized it Properly the second time Plutonium Screenshot 2022.04.23 -

    Its better atleast but I still wouldn't call it plauge Diamon since the Main diamond is still Normal Colored But you can atleast Get close to it with a different camo until I figure out How to Fully mess with Diamonds color

  • @Memeking254 yeah I dont understand why the diamond camo is so hard to mess around with, I'm gonna try and figure this out as well with you.

    all this texture seems to do is add a tint to the golden part of the diamond camo.

  • @Memeking254 Hello bro, I saw your diamond camo and I liked it a lot. Really good job. I was wondering if you could send it to me because I want to make a resource pack for zombies mode, so the diamond texture is all I need. Thanks in advance

  • @Mordegard I can't get my crappy changes to it since I deleted it but I do have the Original Files for it


    Hopefully this helps for what you need if you want to keep the 3D look of the Texture in zombies you can just change the name of the normal map or nml in these files

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