Is there Any way bo3 will be apart of plutonium??

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  • (before someone says something smart like "You just want the game for free" ofc I do and that's literally what has been done but with bo2, waw and mw3 and sorry if this sounds disrespectful to any staffs that see this message It's just a honest question). and its been 6 years so I don't see why not??

  • it has dedicated server and mod support and just because its 6 years old means nothing activition at any time can send a dmca over that because its still a popular cod on steam as it as of righting this still has over 3k players currently playing it right now. there is no need for a client to be made it was nothing we could add and before you say there is no unlock all there are tools out there that can do that for you.

  • @Melyui The entitlement is real with every post like this.

    "Why don't you do x for free, so I can save $60+ on the game"
    Well if you think about it for a moment that is essentially just piracy at that point. The whole intent behind custom clients is to patch bugs, and add features the original game never had. The main justification behind the three games you mentioned being "free" is that they are effectively abandoned. All of them possess dangerous RCEs and other exploits that malicious actors can use to cause harm to players.

    Plutonium does recommend buying the games to have easy access to the necessary files required. Technically Plutonium could force steam ownership checks at any point if it would be required to continue the project.

    So when people ask that question, they clearly are unaware of the intricacies of creating a custom client for a game. Plutonium has to shoulder the money, and time invested entirely for each client. Naturally it is risky to do so because Activision could always decide to send a C&D, or it could turn out nobody wants to play the client for x reasons.

    So what does Plutonium get in return for taking these risks? Nothing. At best we get appreciation from the occasional player for the hard work we put into the project, but appreciation doesn't pay the bills, nor does it maintain the project. At the end of the day Plutonium is a passion project created, and maintained by hobbyists who enjoy reverse engineering and coding.

    Anyone who asks for a custom client is only showing their entitlement. All such requests will always boil down to "plz platonium spend 1000s of hours and risk legalness to maek clinet so i can save $60 becuz am cheap!!!!"

  • @JezuzLizard Okay thank you very much, That is very understandable.

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