My Zombies T6 Dedicated Server log files are not appearing.

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  • Why does the log file of my Zombies T6 Dedicated server not appear in my t6r/data folder? I have configured g_LogSync 2 and g_log "logs \ games_zm.log" in the configuration file of my server, but even so, neither the logs folder.

    I have already opened the server and written in the chat to try to make it appear but it does not work.

    I already tried creating the folder and the file but the file is still empty. I also tried changing the path in g_log and also tried to open the server as administrator but every time I start it it constantly restarts

    It won't let me upload files or screenshots because I get an error but I write what I have in my server config file.

    g_logSync 2 // 0 only flush on game end, 1 flush when buffer full, 2 always flush after a write, 3 append to old logs.
    g_log "logs\games_zm.log" // If you choose to use this make sure the filename is unique for each server!
    rcon_password "" // RemoteCONtrol password, needed for most management tools like IW4MADMIN and B3. Do not skip if you installing IW4MADMIN.

    And my server path is: C:\gameserver\T6

  • @SantitosGames Search in %localappdata%\plutonium\storage\t6\logs

  • @Sorex Thank you very much, and another question. Why did they change the path of the t6 folder and put it in the plutonium one? It makes me more uncomfortable since many things are combined and I cannot have my server 100% apart from the client.

  • @SantitosGames because iw5 and t4 both used that folder from the start so using it for t6 as well makes sense.

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