The game does not open me (i really need help)

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  • I am trying to open my Plutonium.exe but it gets me this error Screenshot_3.jpg and then it tells me that I can only play in LAN modeScreenshot_4.jpg when using VPN if it lets me play but on some servers it takes me out why i use VPN (thanks), a friend downloaded the game and did not require the use VPN or anything, he didn't have any errors, why did he do so well and I didn't?:D I already tried changing DNS and it didn't work for me, I don't want to play with VPN, please help me!:(

  • @s4db00t
    How to fix "Failed to check for updates"?
    Delete plutonium.exe and and download a new copy of the launcher here:
    Then place the new exe anywhere you want: on your desktop or in your game files folder for example and run it.
    The update process will start and you won't have anything more to do next times, only run plutonium.exe and it'll automatically update

    As for the VPN issue some servers will kick you if you use a VPN (or if they think your IP comes from a VPN). You can try to contact the server owners to get your IP whitelisted or find a solution. The fix above should fix your problem and doesn't require a VPN to work or play so you should not use it while playing Plutonium (or use split tunneling)

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