Final few errors creating a grief server.... (_zm.gsc?)

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  • Good Evening Everyone,

    I've been trying to create a grief server using JezuzLizard's Grief ProMod, and had my fair share of issues.

    Finally gotten all my issues down to this one last thing:

    If I include

    #include maps\mp\zombies\_zm;

    at the start of _clientids.gsc, the server completely crashes, giving error:

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x006242B0

    But if I don't include that line, I get this in the server window:

    ****3 script error(s):
    ****Unresolved external :   "ai_calculate_health" with 1 parameters in "_clientids" at line 1 ***
    ****Unresolved external :   "run_custom_ai_spawn_checks" with 0 parameters in "_clientids" at line 1 ***
    ****Unresolved external :   "round_spawn_failsafe"

    And all of those items are in the _zm.gsc...

    Any idea on how to fix this?

  • @JasperBat Unresolved external errors are always produced before the code is executed so any errors that occur after resolving the error by defining the function would be unrelated to that.

    There is no GSC debugging so there isn't a way to actually to determine what causes any specific error.

    I am working on an update for the mod though.

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