Controller Aim Lagging

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  • I having an issue where my controller input is lagging. I noticed this only happens when I have v-sync on and im playing at 60 fps. (I only have a 60hz monitor). Its almost like a delay when I aim with the stick, like its dragging behind my initial reaction. When I turn v-sync off the controller feels normal and responds good. But, with v-sync off its like my shot(actual bullet) is still lagging behind but my crosshairs are responding instantly to were I aim. To make it easier to understand While dragscoping I can snap right onto the enemy but when I shoot the bullet isnt hitting where my crosshair is it slightly misses because of this delay.

  • if you want to cap at 60 just do com_maxfps 60 instead of using vsync

  • Should have mentioned that ive tried 60 fps v-sync off and its the same. Same result in any fps

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