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  • Is it possible that I can uninstall an update? (i am wanting to play lan mode) there is just a few futile changes that I don't exactly like. For the precise version that I am trying to get, that would be any version where it shows campaign and zombies in the main menu
    Before update: 1.jpg
    After update: 2.jpg

  • No you can't. Why would you want them anyway? We didn't support campaign and you had to launch ZM through the launcher. IIRC if you clicked either one of those buttons, the client would crash.

  • @Lia as said above both buttons were removed for a reason, obviously. Campaign was never supported and clicking zombies here would crash the game so they removed those useless buttons to avoid confusion, it's way better this way.

  • @lResxt they also removed "create a classe". Do you now why ?

  • @Gugu2409 its not removed its under ranked



  • @HannesC said in Uninstall update?:

    No you can't. Why would you want them anyway? We didn't support campaign and you had to launch ZM through the launcher. IIRC if you clicked either one of those buttons, the client would crash.

    i think the old menu just looks better to me. i played a lot of bo2 on my friend's xbox 360 back then (which he doesnt have anymore) and having the original menu just looks more.. well, original. its more nostalgic somehow. it looks like the bo2 i played on the 360 all those years ago. even if they didnt work i hope there would be some pack or something that adds them. i completely understand why you guys removed it tho. i do respect that decision.

  • @stonksfromcs well to be fair we are not a console replacement project we strive to improve the game's we support even if its making the menus nice and easy for people to find stuff

  • @FragsAreUs I also want the old menu for fair and reasonable stuffs, please consider reading my topic, to specific it Its about the SOLO or CUSTOM GAME. and if you don't that's fine, Have a bright rest of the day.

  • @stonksfromcs I can see the nostalgia aspect but functionally most of the buttons removed from the menus did nothing. We don't use Treyarch's backend so stuff like the store, codtv, livestream, and leaderboards don't work.
    Voice chat was fully removed because we don't intend on supporting it.

    @Deez-9lawy Any new features we add to the menus will be built on the current versions. We will also will not remove any currently functional features.

    Solo and custom games were merged because them being separate lobbies makes no sense in the Plutonium client. In the vanilla game the only differences between solo and custom games are that solo games can post to the leaderboards, and certain gameplay modifications are applied depending on the map. Since leaderboards don't work since we don't support them, the only reason for an extra solo lobby is for it to apply the solo gameplay modifications, but in the merge this is handled where if minplayers is 1(default) the game is considered solo.

    The main benefit of merging these lobbies is solo games can now access the game options that the custom games lobby normally has access to, as well as the new cheats option.

    Mind you at one point solo games had functional cutscenes but they were broken in an old update, but altering the menus fixed this so players who want to see the cutscenes can again.

    Personally I've seen the cutscenes enough so that I don't really care for them, and I've also noticed they increase loading times because Treyarch. So I will add a new option in the Settings menu allowing players to disable the cutscenes if they don't want them

    There will be more features added that I assure you will make the thought of going back seem like your missing out.

    We understand that changing the UI we are all familiar with is controversial, but we intend on continuing to move forward, improving the game in all ways we are able. So we will not support older versions of the menus for this reason.

    Any issues we are aware of are being worked on, but we simply don't have the manpower to fix issues as fast as Treyarch could. They will be fixed, but please continue to report any issues/concerns so we can continue to look into them.

  • @JezuzLizard oh okay, i understand. if it’s better for the future of plutonium, i respect that. also, i heard plutonium bo1 was coming on a post somewhere? if it is, tysm. i can’t wait lolll.

    thank you, have a great day.

  • @JezuzLizard Hi, When will you push an update for that ? If you did, then where do we find the option to ?

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