Error Happening trying to Start [ Ubuntu 20.04 ]

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  • Re: [Guide] [Debian] T6 Server on Linux VPS/Dedicated Server

    Can someone help me fix this error, I have tried several fixes, with no luck.
    the actual environment is a Docker Image running Ubuntu 20.04 started by the Pterodactyl Panel

    :/home/container$ wine \home\container\T6_Server\Plutonium\bin\plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe t6mp /home/container/T6_Server/Server -dedicated +start_map_rotate +set key insertkey +set net_port 25559 +set sv_config dedicated.cfg
    0048:err:explorer:initialize_display_settings Failed to query current display settings for L"\\\\.\\DISPLAY1".
    0024:fixme:toolhelp:CreateToolhelp32Snapshot Unimplemented: heap list snapshot
    0024:fixme:sync:NtQueryTimerResolution (0x31e768,0x31e76c,0x31e770), stub!
    0024:fixme:sync:NtSetTimerResolution (0,1,0x31e770), stub!
    0024:fixme:sync:NtQueryTimerResolution (0x31e768,0x31e76c,0x31e770), stub!
    00d0:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetThreadInitializationType FFFFFFFA, 2264FEF8
    Unable to load binary into memory
    0024:fixme:kernelbase:AppPolicyGetProcessTerminationMethod FFFFFFFA, 0031FEA4
    A critical exception occured!
    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
  • I am guessing you are trying to launch the server "headlessly"?

    I am quite positive wine needs an actual display to create the window.

    If you were to checkout the other guides on the forum they will tell you how to install the Gnome shell and how to connect to it using xrdp.

  • @GaryCraft In case you missed my reply on discord:

    The actual error is displayed in your log file: "Unable to load binary into memory"
    This is an error from Plutonium, it means it couldn't locate the game binaries.

    This is caused by the fact that your working directory is wrong.

    Set your working directory to /home/container/T6_Server/Plutonium
    Then run wine bin/plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe t6mp /home/container/T6_Server/Server -dedicated +start_map_rotate +set key insertkey +set net_port 25559 +set sv_config dedicated.cfg

    This should fix the problem.

  • Thanks, that fixed that problem

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