Bug report [Bo2]

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  • This might already be known but figured I would post just in case it provides more information than previously acquired.

    in T6 current status, we know that the servers sometimes crash or disconnect ppl when maps rotate and server restarts.

    In the process of trying to help admins of the server be able to change the map / game mode with rcon or iw4madmin !commands, I was able to replicate a bug that happens almost every time.

    I wondered why our server (nuketown) would seem to get these disconnect more than other ppl reported it in their own servers. It is because it seems like the bug happens specifically with nuketown.

    testing was as follows:
    !rcon set_gametype dom (or any other game mode)
    !m nuketown

    server crashes and restarts.

    any time I do the same commands but with a differ map or any other game mode, the server does not crash... It always crashes when manually trying to switch the map to nuketown. For whatever reason it does not like manually switching to nuketown.

    Hope this info helps in some way for future plans to fix.

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