Max number of players in Host Server?

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  • In the .cfg is it possible to increase the max number of players in the server more than 18 players?

    For the bo1 server I host, I am able to use a admin program (paronicon 2) for VIP reserved slot access where is actually will kick players if you enter the reserved slot codes. With Iw4admin apparently their reserved slots only "save" <x> # of slots, ie: if you save (2) slots the max number of ppl that can be in the server is 16 (unless they are using the reserved slots than 18) if the .cfg file is set to max 18. iw4 wont actually kick players to use those reserved slots.... Unless someone knows of another way, I was hoping to increase the max # of slots in the .cfg file larger than 18 max players to help compensate for this problem.

  • No - the limit is pretty hardcoded in multiple area's of the base game IIRC.

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