Infinite Authentication Loop

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  • Hey Plutonium-Team,

    today is just installed Plutonium but when i start the launcher and Login the "Authenticating" Window just stays forever and never actually logs me in.


  • @Whiskee Any idea's?

    Cray - have you tried deleting the %localappdata%/plutonium folder and restarting your pc and then trying again?

  • Thanks for the quick reply @Mr-Android

    so here a quick update:
    -already deleted the folder
    -already restarted

    same issue but read through forum and discord
    I can Login with VPN and i was able to Setup but when i start i get the and plutonium closes
    Forum said thats prbly an error cause of internet connection so i disabled VPN
    When i deactivate VPN again its stuck at "checking for saved credentials"
    when i delete the config and start with VPN then i come to the "failed to authenticate: unknown error" window again
    When i delete the config and start without VPN im stuck at "Authenticating..." again

    Thanks and Greetings

  • Open your command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns and then press enter.
    Then restart and see if that helps.

    We recently swapped servers so maybe your computers DNS needs flushing.

    Not really seen this before. Can you confirm if plutonium.exe is allowed through your firewall?

  • Flushed my cache and restarted... still same problem being stucked in the "authenticating..." window. Yes already noticed it
    to be a weird problem. I would also be able to go on the discord and share my screen for better understandings.


  • Small Update:

    Now im not able to log into my account in the Plutonium Launcher never mind what VPN country i use or else.
    Always getting stuck in the "Authenticating..." window


  • @Craymatix

    I’m having the exact same problem you are. Did you ever find a fix for it?

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