[ZM] Discarded V3 - Mod Menu

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  • Today I'm sharing Discarded V3 which is a zombie mod menu for World at War.
    Note that I am not the original author of this mod menu.

    I'm just uploading it here to make it easier for people to find mod menus for WaW since it's annoying to find on the internet.
    It's not recommended to mess with settings that weren't meant for PC or Plutonium like account settings, unlock trophies etc.


    How to use

    Open the menu: Aim key + Use key
    Confirm: Use key
    Cancel: Knife key
    Go down: Shoot key
    Go up: Aim key

    Go to %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t4\
    Drag and drop the common.ff file in the zone folder (if it doesn't exist create it)
    If you already had a common.ff file there then replace it.

    Google Drive | Mediafire

    You can watch a preview of the mod menu here
    Youtube Video – [00:31..]

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