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  • Hello everyone,

    I am in need of something like an Automod Script/Tool, since IW4M Admin as example does not do a great Job at it.

    E.G. A player with an bad Alias (NA*I) connected and I configured my IW4M to Kick this Alias, but as soon as the A is replaced by a 4 or the i by L it will not kick the client. I do not have the nerves to configre every Bad Alias and diffrent spelled Versions of them in IW4M Admin.

    Thats why I search for a Script/Tool which might use an api for a whole bad aliases libary and detect those aaaaand kick those. Might even flag them.

    If someone knows such a script/tool or might even is handsome enough to make one I would really appreciate to tell me.

    Kind Regards
    Shiniri from TheHeroicSinners ☺

  • @THS-Shiniri so you want to kick players with "*" in their name? Can't you use wildcards?

  • @Dss0 AFAIK neither in Node-Server-Manager or in IW4M Admin.

    Or does a "Vanilla" Pluto Config exist to kick/ban those players?

  • @THS-Shiniri no, you'd have to write a script for that. You could also write a plugin for iw4madmin that allows this. Anyways i know of no other rcon tool for pluto besides iw4madmin.

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