Call of Duty BO2 - GSC Load ERROR

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  • Hi, I need help to load my zombies mod menu to my hosted server, whe I put the gsc file in this direcction "server/t6r/maps/mp/gametypes_zm/_clientids.gsc" my server load the mod menu in the CMD but when I connect to my own server, my mod menu doesn´t appear...
    Please help me and thanks.

  • Is this a menu you coded yourself or is this a menu you downloaded? Most if not all menus that were made for players that inject it are coded to give the menu to players that are host, using the isHost() function. That won't work if you're using it on your server as that function will return false for all players. If this is the case and you know a bit of GSC, you can fix this by changing the check in onPlayerSpawned() from if(player isHost()) to if(player getXUID() == "yourXUIDhere")

    This is all assuming your server is parsing the file.

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