[Release] [ZM] Buried Easter Egg Quality of Life improvement

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  • This script makes the Easter Egg achievable with any amount of players in the game session while keeping the original design of each step the same but allowing any player to complete it.

    This can be run in a private match or in a dedicated server.

    Maze step:

    • With less than 4 players when the last switch has been pulled. The game will notify players if a switch is in the correct position.

    Timebomb Step:

    • Require all players in the lobby to be near the location of the timebomb.

    Shooting Gallery Step:
    Depending on how many players are in the lobby when interacting with the fountain outside the courthouse will decide how many targets will be needed to be shot to complete the step.

    • If there are 4 or more players in the lobby - All targets will need to be shot (just like vanilla)
    • If there are 3 players in the lobby - 61 targets will need to be shot (Saloon + outside the candy store + Myster box area (big guy area 22))
    • If there are 2 players in the lobby - 39 targets will need to be shot (Saloon + outside the candy store (20))
    • If there is 1 player in the lobby - 19 targets will need to be shot (Saloon has 19 targets)

    Note: you can make the game tell the player how many targets are left to hit if you uncomment line 117 and recompile the script.


    To Install:

    • Compile the script or for a pre-compile go look in our release
    • Copy the compile files to your AppData/Local/Plutonium/storage/t6/scripts/zm/zm_buried folder (if you don't have a "zm_buried" folder then create one)
    • Once copied you will need to rename each script to remove -complied from their name
    • Start your server or custom game
  • I don't get why no one has commented on this yet.
    I just completed the rictofen side because of this mod.

    A true work of art, thanks a lot!

  • Theres a bit of a glitch on this mod. It seems like after teleporting to round Infinity, after coming back, powerups are glitched out and never spawn in.

  • Also Shooting gallery is an auto complete, idk if it was intended or something else.

  • @Nathan3197 when I remove "-complied" there´re 2 "zm_buried_ee_all_player.gsc", what I do?

  • @Lanat you have to remove the one that doesn't have the -complied as that one is the source code which will not work in-game. As the complied one will work.

  • there should be an extra clarification that this only makes the Richtofen side possible solo at the moment, only thing left is to tweak the Ringing bells step in the maxis side for it to also work solo, besides that, good release.

  • can I install it on the original game's folder { launch the gsc without plutonium (offline) }

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. This mod now makes the Solo Buried EE 100x better with being able to do the Sharpshooter Step instead of it being an auto complete!

  • This post is deleted!
  • It seems like the script is making it so the round infinity step is only spawning 2 bodies at a time. Is this intentional?

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