I got banned from loging in for no reason?

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  • I would like to be able to talk to a member of the staff or anyone who could help me. I was on the bo2 mp screen, creating a class, after that, I tried to find a server to join, but no server appeared on the list, I tried refreshing and filtering the servers but nothing worked, so I decided to close the game and reopen it, the thing is that when I reopened it and tried to log back in, I got a message saying that I had been banned for 364552 days, and I honestly believe I haven't broken any rules, like I could log in on the first place but then all of a sudden I was banned for no reason

  • @salvaro215 this is your second ban, that's why it's permanent. Your first one was on 08/31/20. I don't buy your story either, read our policy:https://plutonium.pw/docs/anticheat/#plutonium-cheat-policy


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