MW3 Sabotage (more rounds to play)

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  • Hey guys my friends and I (lan) used to play CoD:4, our favorite mode was sabotage, but the thing is that we had the chance to edit the game option in CoD: 4 so we can play more than ome round, when we get to play MW3 using plutonium, the game just ends after only one round, can we increase the number of rounds to win? Thank you.

  • @PsychoMizo I searched in the Sabotage gamemode files and the only dvars I found are

    gameOpt sabData.bombTimer "30" // [ 5, 0-120 ]
    gameOpt sabData.defuseTime "5.0000" // [ 5, 0-10 ]
    gameOpt sabData.plantTime "2.5000" // [ 1, 0-10 ]
    gameOpt sabData.sharedBombTimer "0" // [ 0, 1 ]

    So none of them could do what you're asking for but maybe modifying these values could be a temporary solution for you?

    Also there's this gameOpt commonOption.scoreLimit "0" and maybe changing it to 2 for example would make 2 rounds but that's just a blind guess.

    You could also restart the game when it ends even though it's not optimal. You could make it smoother by binding the restart command to a key.

    Now to try to do exactly what you asked for the two things that come to mind would either be finding a dvar for this if there's any or creating a GSC script to force/simulate several rounds. You should try asking in the #mw3-modding channel on the Discord server maybe some people there will be able to help you.

    If you never find a way to do it your last resort would be asking Plutonium to implement that feature (if that's even technically possible)

  • @lResxt

    Oh man huge respect, thanks for the help! It means sm. Actually what i have been doing is forcing restarts after every single round, but binding it to a key is something that slipped out. I’ll try the blinding guess you’ve mentioned, I guess it may works. Thanks again 🙏🏻

  • @PsychoMizo in console /bind P "map_restart" or whatever the restart command is. Also P is any unused key

  • @lResxt much love bro

  • @lResxt changing it would be from the games file or using a command in console? The scorelimit thing

  • @PsychoMizo these values are from gamemode files on a dedicated server idk if there is a way to change this through console commands for custom games.
    So either create one to test it or ask me to test and I'll do it on my server whenever I can

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